Developer Home & End keys fix for Mac OS X

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If you are a developer and you switched from a Windows PC to Mac, you could have
found out  that Home and End keys doesn’t quite do what you’re used to from a Windows

On a Mac, when you press Home or End key your cursor will move to the beginning or end
of a document respectively. And when you combine this with the Shift key, you will highlight
everything to the beginning or end of a document.

It’s irritating to say the least.

Hopefully we have 2 options to fix this:

1)  Fix key bindings system wide (This works for native Cocoa apps only,  not X11 programs.)

As shown in this tutorial by Matthew Holt.

2) Fix key bindings in your code editor (e.g. Eclipse) 

Go to Preferences -> General -> Keys

Here, you want to modify these bindings:

  • Line Start
  • Select Line Start
  • Line End
  • Select Line End

And check these as well to see if they don’t collide:

Text Start, Text End, Select Text Start, Select Text End

Apply and you should be Ok.

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